About HIGH



HIGH is a forum of knowledge placed at the intersection between law and technology. Our vertical are the Working Groups, within each group, research efforts will materialize on workshops, articles, policy papers, and many other useful tools. We are a think tank, always open to new ideas and initiatives! Our horizontals are our Discussion Rounds and Mentorship Programs, where we constantly interact with the entire Community and experts on a wide array of topics coming from either the Working Groups or from other initiatives of the HIGH community.


HIGH takes an interdisciplinary approach to the intersection between law and technology. This is not just for lawyers/jurists but also for other professionals such as (and not limited to) engineers or economists. The variety of our projects and initiatives, which might take the form of a Discussion Round, a Working Group, or even a mentorship Program, contributes to shape the flexibility of our project.


We are devoted to what we proudly call: the cult of the peer. Although we believe in governance and structure as pertinent instruments to foster a community’s potential, our faith is placed on YOU, the peer, the essential element of our community, the one who is going to bring as much initiative, effort and quality as wanted to. A long and exciting journey has just started for us, and we seek to excel with you. But be aware, we do not understand excellence as a result, but as a process in itself. And moreover, be also aware, for us, the concept of excellence is tightly linked to our values: inclusiveness, flexibility, and a strong sense of compromise.

HIGH targets the creation, processing, extraction and crystallization of knowledge.

This initiative started with one goal: to bring young industry experts and talents together to discuss things of common and timely relevance. However, month after month we realized that HIGH was meant to be something bigger. We realized that the project needed to be devoted to the Community, to you. Guess what? This is about to happen…